About Author: Xanimos

I'm a web developer who has spent the past 9 years working for the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer. I'm getting back into my computer ways as quickly as possible and re-educating myself on all that I've missed while far away without internet.

Life of a web developer/gamer

So as of writing this my blog theme way lags behind my main site page. I went a little crazy and came up with really awesome stuff for my front page. It’s currently full of HTML/CSS amazingness creating a cool navigation, form work, a single screen scrolling feature, and designed in a way that if […]

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What I’ve learned buying a new car

Preface Switching gears from my first posts, I’m going to talk about my personal life on this site as well. Sometimes you just need a place to vent, not towards anyone in particular, not needing a response from anyone, just getting it out there. Feel free to read and maybe learn something new. Also mid-writing […]

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Theme updates

It’s still very much a work in progress, but my day’s worth of progress is definitely nice to look at now. When I first opened it up and it looked horrendous. Now it’s easier on the eyes and I feel okay leaving it up while I work and tweak it more. As you can see […]

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Theme in progress!

Alright, I’m starting a fresh theme using SuperSimple. It’s a very basic start but a level up from their Blankslate variant. I’m going to be integrating the look to be the same as my homepage and hopefully intertwining the two. Wish my luck on my adventure! This is starting the clock for this. With dedication […]

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