Life of a web developer/gamer

So as of writing this my blog theme way lags behind my main site page. I went a little crazy and came up with really awesome stuff for my front page. It’s currently full of HTML/CSS amazingness creating a cool navigation, form work, a single screen scrolling feature, and designed in a way that if javascript is disabled it all works!

Sounds fantastic right? Well now my blog looks way behind and I haven’t given it much attention or love recently. Now I get to start the redesign of the blog. I’m not sure if I want to try and integrate the coolness of the main page or just design a new theme all together. Also I know I’m not done finishing the main page so it’s a toss up which direction I’m going.

Another big development in my life is moving(a full post on that to come). I’ve just moved from a 4 bed house into a 2 bed apartment, I’m starting a family and needed a downsize after the roommates and I went our separate ways. I had a dedicated office in my old place and now I don’t have a place to setup my desktop anywhere.

Currently I’m using an old Toshiba laptop…I’m talking an Intel gen 2 i3, 6 gigs of RAM that I upgraded, and built in intel graphics. Coming from my 8th gen i7 gaming rig this is quite a slow down. The keyboards has some keys that stick or just don’t register. All things that tend to happen with an OLD laptop.

What to do now?

Obviously I’m in need of upgrading my setup to be more productive and to fulfill my gaming desires. No gaming is happening on this, and it’s tough enough for me to try and run my development software on here. Naturally I start looking into my next machine.

I spent over a week researching my new laptop, looking online, going into stores physically to test the feel of them, and looking at reviews. In the process of this I decide on going with an MSI GE65 Raider-051.

While looking online I found HIDevolution, an online and in person company. That doesn’t just sell them as an authorized dealer, but also custom builds them for you afterwards. Clearly this takes more time to get it and use it, however the wait is worth it. They have guarantees that cannot be matched from any other retailer as well as the upgrades that can come pre-equiped and tested prior to you ever getting them is amazing.

The customer service is already fantastic. Within 20 minutes of me placing the order I received a followup email from their reps telling me the shipping option I chose was not necessary as the free shipping method would get to me just as fast if not sooner because I live so close to their headquarters. He then refunded me the difference in shipping no hesitation. Grade A work already! He also informed me that I would be notified at each step of the process as my laptop is being built. I couldn’t be more pleased and I don’t even have my new laptop yet.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, I highly recommend checking them out. They work with a few different manufactures that they custom build rigs for. Also I’m not affiliated with nor sponsored by these guys. They are just that awesome, I needed to share the love on my blog.

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